Logi Bolt Software Download for Windows 11, Mac 12


Welcome to our website, reviewing the best products from Logitech and providing support for Logitech software and drivers that are compatible with the (OS) you are using. Likewise, this time we have prepared one of the best products from Logitech that we will recommend for you, namely the Logi Bolt USB receiver is the best one of the best USB receivers. For more details, see our reviews below. In addition, we also provide downloads that you may need as additional support for using Logi Bolt, namely Logi Bolt Software for all operating systems of Windows, Mac, Linux, and other OS. Check our review below.

Logi Bolt USB Reciever, Review, and Specs of the product

The Logi Bolt USB Receiver is one of the best USB receivers with an extraordinary design from Logitech. We previously knew that Logitech had made a USB receiver product almost similar to the Logi Bolt, namely the 2.4 Receiver and Logitech Unifying. However, Logi Bolt has different advantages. It has good security, as well as connectivity and quality.

Logi Bolt Software
Logi Bolt USB Reciever

As we already know, the USB Receiver’s function is to be used as an alternative connection for the type of product or device that uses wireless technology in the mouse or keyboard. Logi Bolt has an important role as a USB receiver for these products.

The purpose of this Logi Bolt USB receiver is to provide a secure, convenient wireless connection without the need for cables and support for these types of high-performance products between mouse, keyboard, and combos with wireless technology.

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In addition, the advantages of Logi Bolt can also be used for backup or as an alternative for Multi-Computer use. You need to set up this USB receiver and connect it to two different computers or PCs you have prepared. Then prepare other products such as Mouse, Keyboard, or both at the same time that support Logitech Flow. Plug it in and enjoy a strong and secure Logi Bolt wireless connection on both devices. For Logitech products that support Flow, you can see some of the products that have been prepared in the previous post.

The hallmarks of the Log Bolt are security, high performance, and robust connections, without interference or disconnection from up to 33 feet away, even if you are in a relatively dense wireless environment, for example, in a library, office, or another crowded place.

Logi Bolt is compatible with the operating systems we commonly use, namely Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Install and use the Logi Bolt is very easy; first, the product supports the Wireless Mouse and Wireless keyboard, then plug the Logi Bolt into a USB Port on your computer. Download the Logitech Options software for the Operating System you are using on Windows or Mac. Install Logitech options, and enjoy as much performance as you will get from this Logi Bolt USB. Visit this page for more detail, on how to use Logitech Options in Logi Bolt.

More than five devices can use one Logi Bolt at once the process is still the same. Use Logi Bolt from now on, because, its usefulness will not make you a hassle.

Download USB Receiver Software and Ebook

Below we have provided the Logi Bolt Software that you may need. You can download it with the OS you are using on Windows 11, Mac 12, or older OS. Just click the box below. Then download additional guides when using the Logi Bolt App Wireless technology effectively, including connecting multiple-Computer up to 6 devices on a computer with just one Logi Bolt USB receiver, including how to install the Logi Bolt App on your computer and others, which you will probably need.

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Download Logi Bolt Software for Windows
Freeware Version⇒ 1.2.6024
Latest Update⇒ 2022/01/05
OS⇒ Windows 10, Windows 11
Download (33 MB)
Download Logi Bolt Software for Mac
Freeware Version⇒ 1.2.6024
Latest Update⇒ 2022/01/05
OS⇒ Mac 11, Mac 12, Mac 10.15
Download (55 MB)
The Logi Bolt Getting Started Guide
Ebook (.pdf)

The Logi Bolt USB Receiver will indeed be a mainstay for this year and the future as the best technology wireless USB receiver with high performance. It will certainly become a mainstay for other Logitech Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, and Combos. The good news is that there are several devices or products that support Logi Bolt, including the Logitech Ergo M75, MX Keys Keyboard or Combo, MX Master 3 Mouse, Ergo K860 Keyboard, MX Anywhere 3 Mouse, and maybe there will be other Logitech Wireless products that we haven’t mentioned it, so please visit the FAQs page.

In conclusion, if you wish to view or download other software updates related to the Logi Bolt Software, please visit our site. Easy to access and also easy when downloading the software manually.