Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Download Guide file


Welcome to our site. We provide software available for all Logitech download drivers, specifically Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Manual Setup Guide And we also explain the advantages of this speaker product, our files are available on the official website And you can download guide files useful for all the information you need regarding the Bluetooth Audio Receiver USB Wireless Streaming.

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Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Adapter (Review & Specs)

The Stream Wireless with the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver and start adding speakers or your home stereo system, get a reconnection automatically for the speakers you add, and enjoy it fully by pairing two Bluetooth enabled devices in your Mobile Device.

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver
Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Adapter

The Logitech Adapter provides all the convenience for you to connect with the Speaker device that you have prepared up to how to install two devices as well, one of which is how to connect the Stereo System via 3.5 mm input (RCA) then you only need to plug the Bluetooth Receiver into the source AC power. that way, you can immediately start listening to whatever you are playing on your compatible device

As well as a reasonably simple pairing with just a small touch through your fingertips, to start pairing a Mobile device such as a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or tablet that you have prepared, then press the pairing button located in the middle position so that the Smartphone or tablet device has started to connect as well when you next you don’t need to repeat the same way because it will connect automatically to devices that are already installed.

The Logitech Bluetooth Adapter is called a Bluetooth Multipoint which has a use because it can connect to two devices at the same time thanks to the ability of Bluetooth in it, either installed with the mobile Smartphone, computer or even you can switch between devices to stream audio wirelessly to your speakers prepare, start using Logitech Receiver because of its ability to be able to summarize with the connection provided.

Download Guide

The Logitech receiver does not provide software or drivers so that the product can be used immediately after the box is opened. If you need basic usage guidelines, you can download the guide file below.

Download Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Adapter, Getting Started Guide
Setup Guide (.pdf)
The adapter Getting Started GuideDownload
The adapter Setup GuideDownload

If you have questions regarding using the Logitech Audio Receiver easiness. And you can also see all the guides related to using the Adapter, step by step to use this product, and maybe other solutions you need right now. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).