Logitech G51 Surround Speaker, Download Guide File


Our websites will try to help you, as well as make it easy for those of you who want to download software and guide files, for this speaker no longer needs software, so you don’t need to look for the software anymore because, for this type of speaker, plug and play, you have to need the speaker to connect it to PC or Analog Audio, Home Theater, Console Gaming, and the speaker are ready to use, play some songs, and feel the comfort of every sound produced by the speaker, moreover, we also to try to review some of the advantages of the Logitech G51 Surround Sound System Speaker, and its detailed specifications of the product, for a complete guide, immediately download the file Guide below.

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Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System, Reviews & Specs

Good news for you, if you want to be a Gamers Pro, this is the usefulness of the Logitech G51 Surround Speaker System. You will know what benefits this speaker will present to a genius who likes popular games.

The G51 is available. Matrix mode is enough that you activate the mode, then it creates 5.1 surround sound from the stereo source. 2 Channels on this speaker sound familiar or general like you listen to music and old games in general.

Logitech G51 Speaker System
Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System

To get started, you can immediately turn on your favorite game with 360° surround sound already available. Then the Dual Matrix Mode will function to make 5.1 surround sound on your speaker into a 2 Channel stereo source. With the Matrix Mode, the game that you play will be optimized for each available game effect.

Also, for the Matrix Mode of music you play, you can enhance stereo music like bass, echo, and others, so the movie you want to watch feels like your room, like a bioscope with thunderous sound bass presented by this G51.

The Surround Speaker System also has a Satellite that has been set with a laser that will enable the Frequency-Directed Dual Driver technology to be displayed on the speaker, which will undoubtedly create a variety of sound fields according to what you are turning on and what you desire so far.

There is also a Subwoofer Porting, Down Firing that will give you booming sound effects on every incredible explosion in the game you play. And many more advantages possessed by this G51, in total, we have included specifications below that will probably help you.

Download Guide File or Documents

You can download the guide file are useful as a basic user guide in running the Logitech Speaker products.

Skin Mode Software Guide (.pdf)


Pre Made Skins


If you want to know about product activation, and how to run the Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System effectively on your Computer. Apart from that, you can also access all the problems associated with other Logitech devices. Visit the official site or page of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).