Logitech H650e Software, USB Headset for Windows


Welcome. It is a website that provides various software by Logitech that you need, especially the Logitech H650e Software. Besides, we also review various excellent products by Logitech, namely the Logitech H650e USB Headset Stereo, one of the USB headsets with many advantages. The Headset is compatible with Windows OS, and we have provided software that you might need, namely the Logitech Jabber Plug-in. Download it below.

Logitech H650e Stereo USB Headset, Review & Specs

The Logitech USB Headset Stereo H650e supplies clear sound with attributes like acoustic echo termination plus a noise-canceling boom microphone, and it is all meant to make your telephone calls as comfortable and practical as feasible. Salespeople, client assistance agents, and other organizations that get on telephone calls daily will enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of the Logitech H650e Headset audio. The H650e Stereo/Mono USB Headset can also provide more precise efficiency and make you more professional in your work.

Logitech H650e Headset
Logitech H650e Stereo USB Headset

The Logitech H650e is a specialist headset making use of electronic signal processing, acoustic echo termination, wideband sound, dynamic equalizer, as well as a noise-canceling microphone, as well as CSRs, which will make and obtain calls with ideal quality.

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Download Guide and Jubber Plug-in

How it works, download manuals on our website, especially the Logitech H650e Software, which you are looking for now. We have provided software that you can download, including Logitech Jabber Plug-in compatible with Windows OS. You can download the Software by clicking the box below. And also, you can download a guide file for quick setup to use the H650e USB Headset effectively.

Download Logitech H650e Headset Software for Windows OS
Logitech Jabber Plug-in
Freeware Version: 1.2.95a
Last Update: 2014/02/20
OS Supports: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Size: 1.52 MB
Download Logitech H650e USB Headset Stereo Getting Started
Setup Guide (.pdf)
The H650e Headset Getting Started GuideDownload
The H650e Headset Data SheetDownload
The H650e Headset White PaperDownload

Suppose you would like to find more detailed information about the Logitech H650e USB Headset Stereo or find out more about using the H650e Headset more efficiently. For example, how to connect the Headset to a Computers, use the microphone, set the audio Headset, explanation about the LED indicator lights on the Headset, and more. Go directly to the official web page on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).