Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter, Drivers Download


Welcome to LogitechFreeware. We provide software or drivers available for all Logitech download Software/Firmware, specifically the Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter Software Download, compatible with Windows 7, VISTA, XP, or older for Logitech Powerline Network Utility Tool. We also try to review related Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter products succinctly and the detailed specs owned by the product.

Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter, Review & Detail Specs

The Logitech Powerline 200 Adapter is a Logitech adapter product that has a function to make it easy for you to add various enhancements to the powerline network so that you can use other entertainment devices connected to the Internet in the office and your home. Not only that, but another advantage is also being able to expand the existing Powerline network to various devices in your home.

Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter
Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter

The way it works is that you only need to plug the adapter into the power outlet that you use for your internet connectivity at high speed and high performance for every room of your home and office.

To enjoy the Powerline 200 Adapter, you must be connected to outlets and spaces anywhere in the house as long as the Outlet. You can connect more optimally near your TV and provide entertainment devices according to your favorites. You can always have instant access to everything on the Internet. Suitable for opening TiVo, game consoles, and even Smart TVs.

You can add Logitech HD Powerline 200a Starter Kit for this product sold separately for another user. It only works to connect to your router then set your own Powerline network in one room in your home. After that, plug the Powerline 200 adapter into any outlet in the last stage of a stay. Connected devices to the Internet, such as Logitech Revue with Google smart TV, to an adapter through an Ethernet cable.

Want to open streaming HD movies, entertainment videos with HD quality working to your liking thanks to the available Logitech Revue Google TV will become a reality besides that you can make video calls in HD quality using Logitech TV Cam in addition to maximizing the usefulness of Logitech HD This Powerline is the way you use HomePlug AV network technology, which functions to turn existing electrical outlets in your home into high-speed Internet connections. You can enjoy the Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter with speeds that transfer up to 200 Mbps for the internet connection you want.

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Download Guide & Software

Guide to downloading on our website, especially the Logitech Powerline 200 Adapter Software for Powerline Network Utility Tool Software. The Powerline is compatible with Windows 10. Now, click to open the box below to find the Software you need.

Download Logitech HD Powerline 200 Adapter Software for Windows OS
Logitech Powerline Network Utility Tool
Freeware Version: 1.0
Last Update: 2011/01/17
OS Support: Windows 7, Vista, XP (or older)
File Size: 1.3 MB
Download Logitech Powerline 200 Adapter, Getting Started Guide
Setup Guide (.pdf)
The Powerline Network Utility Help GuideDownload

Suppose you have related questions about using the Logitech Powerline 200 Adapter and setting up the Powerline HD Adapter using Logitech Software on Windows. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You can get information that matches the Logitech HD Powerline more effectively. For example, connect a powerline to a computer, activate the LED indicator light, and use the Powerline 200 or LED indicator.