Logitech K250 Software, Download for Wireless keyboard


Welcome to our website, discussing various Logitech products and also providing various Logitech software for all versions that you need. This time we will review one of the Wireless keyboards from Logitech: the Logitech K250 Wireless Keyboard. This Keyboard is unique with a simple design, a specific motif, complete keys, and very comfortable typing from a certain distance. Besides, we also provide downloads for the Logitech K250 Software, which is compatible with Windows and Chrome OS. Available downloads include the Logitech Unifying, check the guides below.

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Logitech K250 Wireless Keyboard, Review & Specs

It has a keyboard with an attractive design, “Dark Fleur,” and is also durable. This Keyboard is different, and patterns from dark fleur, connection without interruption, and typing in each of your tasks with maximum comfort, keyboard design is also very sturdy, battery life is quite durable up to millions of button clicks, here we will try to discuss the Logitech K250 Wireless Keyboard (Dark Fleur), will be superior.

Logitech K250 Software
Logitech K250 Wireless Keyboard

The K250 might be one of the keyboards with a sturdy design and attractive pattern for you. Maybe you will not feel or look monotonous using this K250. Compared to other standard keyboards. The flower pattern on the K250 can attract your attention to accompany each of your works.

Enjoy the power of a wireless connection up to 2.4 GHz that you can rely on. Plug the Logitech unifying receiver into port USB on your computer, and the Keyboard is ready for you to use (Plug-and-Forget, and Plug-and-Play). This wireless connection allows you to be free to adjust the Keyboard’s position to suit your comfort level. And you can control the K250 Keyboard from a certain distance on your device, up to 33 feet. Depending on the conditions and your room.

The Logitech K250keyboard battery life of up to 15 months has been combined with two “AAA” batteries, with a trial of up to two million keyboard keystrokes. The more often you use the Keyboard, the battery life may decrease, and the less you use the Keyboard, the longer the battery life will last. Everything goes back to the user and how to regulate the use of the Keyboard to last longer.

Without moving from your seat, attach a tiny Logitech unifying receiver to your device. The Keyboard is ready to go. Besides, you can maximize the use of the Logitech K250 keyboard. You can add several other Logitech Wireless products, such as the mouse, so typing, browsing, and other activities will be more comfortable and satisfying.

Likewise, typing on the K250 Keyboard is very comfortable. Every tap is silent, and the buttons are Low-Profile and have a familiar standard layout. Also, download the Logitech K250 Software one because it will help you connect a keyboard to a device compatible with Windows and Chrome OS.

Download Guide and Unifying Software

We have provided downloads for the Logitech K250 Software that supports Windows and Chrome OS, including Logitech Unifying. Please download by clicking the box below to open the Software. Regarding the guide for using the Logitech K250 Wireless Keyboard, you can download the guide file or visit the official website.

Download Logitech K250 Software for Windows OS
Logitech Unifying
Freeware Version: 2.52.33
Last Update: 2022/04/08
OS Support: Windows 11, Windows 10
Size: 4 MB
Logitech Unifying
Freeware Version: 2.50.25
Last Update: 2010/30/03
OS Support: Windows 7, 8, 10, VISTA, XP, or older
Size: 4 MB
Download Logitech K250 Software for Chrome OS
Logitech Unifying
Freeware Version: 1.0.1
Last Update: 2014/12/19
OS Support: Chrome OS
Size: 990 KB
Download Logitech K250 Wireless keyboard, Getting Started Guide
Setup Guide (.pdf)
The K250 Wireless keyboard Started GuideDownload

Suppose you have various questions regarding using the Logitech K250 Wireless keyboard and the solutions when properly connecting it to the device. For example, connect the Keyboard to a device using a Unifying receiver, use NumPad/KeyPad, Num Lock, clean the keyboards properly, and use a USB 3.0 device on the Keyboard. And other essential guides. Including solutions when Num Pad and keys Pad doesn’t work, wireless doesn’t work when using a USB 3.0 device, and there was an interruption when using the Keyboard, such as disconnected, etc. You can visit the FAQ page.