Logitech M195 Software, Download Driver for Windows OS


Suppose you’re looking for Logitech M195 Software. Our website aims to help you, so you can download various Logitech software, especially the Logitech Connection Utility that you are looking for now. Please download it below. This Logitech Mouse product is compatible with all devices. We also try to review some of the advantages of the Logitech M195 Wireless Mouse, performance, and detailed specs. For additional information about how to use the M195, you can visit the FAQ page.

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Logitech M195 Wireless Mouse, Review & Specs

The Logitech M195 Wireless Mouse is one of the products that still have a lot of demand worldwide because of its durability, performance, and other qualities that can still compete with other standard types of wireless mice. Several advantages are presented in the Logitech M195, namely the mouse design, which is quite simple, but its resistance is quite strong for up to 12 months of use. And then without using a cable, with this feature. The M195 is perfect for those of you who are an employee at a company or a writer.

Logitech M195 Mouse
Logitech M195 Wireless Mouse

The M195 is a type of wireless Mouse without using cables. Because it is Plug-and-Play, you only need to plug the Logitech Receiver into the USB port of your computer/laptop. And then, the Mouse is ready to play, or you can personalize other features in the M195 by downloading the Logitech M195 Software, which is compatible with Windows and macOS, and available for the Logitech Connection Utility.

The robust design and simple size make it easy for the M195 to be pocketed when working outdoors, take it from your office to your home, or vice versa, plug in the Receiver. You can add other devices such as Keyboards, Headsets that have a Bluetooth connection. It all becomes more accessible.

For the use mouse range, you can control up to 30 feet. Of course, you can work from the range, sit on the sofa or move at varied positions. Likewise, with the durability of batteries up to one year, of course, you no longer need to think about a new battery, even you will forget. This may be only part of the advantages mentioned of the Logitech M195 Wireless Mouse. For more details, see the detailed specs listed below, and you can visit the official website logitech.com.

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Download Guide and Connection Utility

If you want to download Logitech M195 Software, we have provided Logitech Connection Utility Software. Also, this product is compatible with Windows OS. And now push on below to find the Software Update that we have listed by clicking the box below.

Download Logitech M195 Software for Windows OS
Logitech Unifying
Freeware Version: 2.52.33
Last Update: 2022/04/08
OS Support: Windows 11, Windows 10
File Size: 4 MB
Logitech Connection Utility
Freeware Version: 2.00.3
Last Update: 2010/03/30
OS Support: 8, 7, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP, or older
File Size: 2.1 MB

Suppose you have questions about maximizing the performance of your M195 by installing Logitech M195 Software. You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). All the information you want to know about the Logitech Mouse is already available on that page, answering questions about the distance to use the M195, updating software, installing software, explaining about the battery light on the M195, connecting the Mouse to a computer, if you are looking for other additional information, please visit that page.