Logitech M320 Software, Update Drivers for Windows 11


Welcome to our website. Discussing various popular Logitech products and also providing various other updated software. In the following, we will introduce you to one of the Logitech products, namely the Logitech M320 Wireless Mouse is very suitable for you because the performance is quite good. Besides that, we also provide Logitech M320 Software, including Logitech Options, compatible with Windows. Please download it below.

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Logitech M320 Wireless Mouse, Review & Detail Specs

The Logitech M320 Wireless Mouse is a reliable wireless mouse with high totality comfort. It has an asymmetrical design and shape that can see the uniqueness of the M320 also has a patterned soft rubber surface that will make users feel at home in all work done.

Logitech M320 Software
Logitech M320 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M320 also has a more responsive precision as well as a mouse cursor control that works very accurately, quickly, and precisely coupled with natural scrolling for you to surf from media to other media from one page to other thanks to Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, which has become a feature typical for these mice.

Something is interesting about the M320 is the contoured design and shape so that your right hand is covered with a soft rubber handle with a curved shape so that it will be able to support your hand and this will be a position for the users so you will feel comfortable for long – long time ago. And the ease of scrolling and clicking the mouse button.

Battery life is also relative because it depends on usage varies greatly. Still, using the standard battery life of up to 2 years without maximizing the use of M320, it will automatically make battery life more efficient thanks to a tiny receiver that will also Mute when the PC turns and otherwise.

The use of which is very thanks to the technology Logitech Receiver, which is famous for the term (plug-and-forget) that has been embedded in your computer with nano receivers, enjoys a maximum mouse performance, move anywhere and anywhere will be more accessible. And also, you can pocket your pocket because it is practical.

Download Options Software, Firmware & Unifying

Guide to downloading manuals on our website, especially the Logitech M320 software. Below we have provided the download for the Logitech Options for Windows 11 or older OS. Also, to customize the Mouse Buttons effectively. You can download the guide file and Sofware by clicking the box below.

Download Logitech M320 Software, Update for Windows
Logitech Options
Version⇒ 9.70.68
Last Update⇒ 2022/07/28
OS⇒ Windows 10, Windows 11
Size⇒ 279 MB
Firmware Update
Version⇒ 3.2.276959
Last Update⇒ 2022/06/28
OS⇒ Windows 10, Windows 11
Size⇒ 14.8 MB (64-bit)
Logitech Unifying
Version⇒ 2.52.33
Last Update⇒ 2022/04/08
OS⇒ Windows 11, Windows 10
Size⇒ 4 MB
Firmware Update Tool
Version⇒ 2.6.201219
Last Update⇒ 2021/12/16
OS⇒ Windows 11, Windows 10
Size⇒ 11 MB (32-bit)
Logitech Options
Version⇒ 8.54.106
Last Update⇒ 2021/04/21
OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 10
Size⇒ 204 MB
Logitech Options
Version⇒ 8.10.154
Last Update⇒ 2020/03/04
OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
Size⇒ 195 MB

Suppose you have questions about the Logitech M320 Wireless Mouse and a guide on maximizing M320 performance using the Logitech M320 Software. For example, install the software on Windows OS, connect the mouse to a computer or laptop using a USB 2.0 port, Scroll Wheel function, adjust the speed mouse Pointer, and customize Mouse buttons with Logitech M320 Software. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).