Logitech P710e Software Download, & Firmware Upgrade


Welcome, one of the websites that provide software downloads by Logitech, especially the Logitech P710e Software. Below, we also provide downloads for Logitech P710e Software, which are compatible with Windows, including Logitech Firmware Upgrade and Logitech Jabber Plug-in. Besides, we also discuss various of the most popular products from Logitech, one of which is the Logitech P710e Speakerphone for Hand-Free Conference Calls, a type of Bluetooth speaker that has functioned as a tool for conference activities in the workspace. For more details, see our review below.

Logitech P710e Speakerphone for Hand-Free Conference Calls (Review & Specs)

The Logitech P710e Speakerphone is a Wireless Speakerphone with the advantage of being used on all devices, including your computer, tablet, and Smartphone. With this Logitech Speakerphone, you can turn your workspace into an instant conference room and allow you to make hands-free calls and high-quality audio both on your computer, especially on your phone or tablet. Coupled with noise suppression technology, it will ensure that everyone in the workspace can hear and be heard very well.

Just pair your device, either computer, Smartphone, tablet, or up to eight devices at once using a Bluetooth connection, or connect with NFC (Near Field Communication) simply by touching your device to the Logitech P710e Speakerphone. Once connected, you can immediately make conference calls anytime and anywhere.

Logitech P710e Software
Logitech P710e Speakerphone for Hand-Free Conference Calls

The Logitech P710e speakerphone is perfect for multitasking professionals with the advantage of connecting instantly, and you can also start video conferencing using a Smartphone or tablet device. Besides, the Logitech P710e Speakerphone can hold your device very stably, especially for undisturbed visibility at the other end of the call, whether you are making a report or typing any notes on your mobile device or a computer.

You can use the Logitech P710e Speakerphone anywhere and on any device very quickly, using the Speakerphone for a long time, and you are free to talk with your clients for up to 15 hours. With dedicated speakers and noise-canceling microphones with crystal clear sound on both sides of the call. You can also add headphones or a headset to plug into the Speakerphone if it’s a private call or if you want to make a personal video call with your friends or relatives.

And when you’re ready to make video calls with clients or with business associates. Just connect your device, such as your Smartphone or tablet, to the P710e Speakerphone using a Bluetooth connection with optional NFC pairing or a USB cable attached to your computer. You can pair up to eight Bluetooth devices at once without a hitch. After that, remove your NFC-enabled mobile device or computer to Logitech the P710e Speakerphone. You can easily control it just by touching it. And the Speakerphone is ready for use on a supported video-conferencing application.

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The Logitech P710e Speakerphone is specially designed for businesses to make it easy for you to do video conferences using this P710e Speakerphone. You can use several video conferencing applications that have been optimized, including Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Vidyo, Lifesize, Intel, Bluejeans, Zoom, Broadsoft application, and certified for Skype Skype for Business. In addition, you can make video calls using the application. These come with the best audio quality you desire and provide an excellent integrated conferencing experience.

Download Guide & Firmware Upgrade

Below we have provided the download for the Logitech P710e Software you need, including Logitech Firmware Upgrade and Logitech Jabber Plug-in, and the software only supports Windows OS. So please download it by clicking the box below.

Download Logitech P710e Software for Windows OS
Logitech Firmware Upgrade
Last Update: 2017/05/01
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Size: 3.58 MB
Logitech Jubber Plug-in
Version: 1.2.95a
Last Update: 2014/02/20
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Size: 1.52 MB
Download Logitech P710e Speakerphone, Getting Started Guide
Setup Guide (.pdf)
The P710e Speakerphone Setup GuideDownload
The P710e Speakerphone Data SheetDownload

Suppose you would like to find more information using the Logitech P710e Speakerphone for a more utterly Hands-Free Conference Call. At the same time, you want to find out about troubleshooting solutions when you run into problems while maximizing using the Logitech P710e Speakerphone. Then, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.