Logitech POP Smart Button, Download for iOS, Android


Suppose you looking for the Logitech POP Smart Button Software Download for Android and iPhone, our website provided it for you. And we also discuss and review the Logitech POP Smart Button, its advantages, and how to use it briefly. There are several ways to use Logitech POP: First use for Android and iPhone devices. The next move is to use POP. Take advantage of the POP mobile app program to create and log in to your account. And then, set POP Activity and also make modifications to the configuration.

Logitech POP Smart Button (Simple SmartHome Control), Reviews

The POP Smart Button is a Logitech product that allows you and everyone at home to control anything, namely bright light, audio, and more. Plan your creativity by incorporating three different controls into your smart home: film, learning, or celebration. POP will make it easier to light it up with your lifestyle. Take advantage of the Apple® Home program to prepare bright lighting that is, of course, compatible with HomeKit, and take advantage of POP programs with Philips Hue™, Insteon® lighting, and Lutron for brightness, heat, and color.

Logitech POP Smart Button
Logitech POP Smart Button (Simple SmartHome Control)

Then draw HomeKit or POP plans to activate it with intelligent devices that apply to all devices, such as setting smart locks and night lights. Make use of POP also to start the music, videos, and more according to your wishes. Because every button is wired and wireless, you can use POP wherever you are. In front of the entrance, in the guest room, or your private room. Use the POP Add-On switch to enter a comfortable, intelligent home controller and feel the convenience of POP will conjure up the atmosphere of your smart home.

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Download Guide and Harmony Elite Software for Android & iPhone

If you want to download Logitech POP Smart Software, we have provided Logitech Harmony Elite Software. This product is compatible with iOS and Android. And now click the box below to download the access the software you need.

Download Logitech POP Smart Software for Android & iOS
Logitech Harmony Elite Software Download for Android & iPhone
Freeware Version: 1.3
Last Update: 2017/04/18
OS Support: Android
Size: 56 MB
Freeware Version: 1.3
Last Update: 2017/04/18
OS Support: iOS
Size: 59 MB

If you have questions about using the Logitech POP Smart Software and the POP Smart on your Platform or computer, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Of course, what we inform you is still far from the performance and original quality. You will know the actual function we mentioned above when you already have the Logitech POP Smart Button. Don’t forget to download the Logitech software and other information about the product Logitech on our website. Easy to access and accessible to downloads.