Logitech S150 Stereo Speaker, Download Guide file


Welcome to LogitechFreeware. We will help you make it easy for those who want to download the software and guide file. For this type of Speaker, plug, and play, you have to need the Speaker to connect To PC Analog Audio, connect to the computer, laptop, Notebook, or any other device. Of course, this Speaker is compatible with all system operations, and the Speaker is ready to use. You can play some song, feel the comfort of every sound produced by the Speakers, and feel every boom sound that comes out that is so real and thundering. Besides, we review some of the Logitech S150 Digital USB Stereo Speaker advantages and detailed specs. For a complete guide, immediately download the Guide file below.

Logitech S150 Digital USB Stereo Speaker, Review, and Specs

The Logitech S150 USB Stereo Speaker is a speaker product with a relatively slim and lightweight shape that will allow easy controls for you to understand and reliable settings that are easy to adjust to your room.

Logitech S150 Stereo Speaker
Logitech S150 Digital USB Stereo Speaker

Audio and USB power has a reasonably simple connection on the S150 to activate it just enough to plug the Speaker into the USB-A port of your laptop or computer. And then, the Speaker’s orange LED will light, and when the Speaker is off, the orange LED will turn off to save power on the Speaker.

Easy-access controls adjust the volume, and you can easily control mute the Speaker with the controls on the S150. The control position is located at the Speaker’s front to access and adjust according to your lifestyle taste quickly. See the full specifications below with a usage guide that you can download here.

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Download Guide

For the S150, this type no longer requires software, so you only need to connect the Logitech S150 Stereo Speaker to your computer, laptop, or Notebook, because it is Plug-and-Play. After that, the S150 is ready to use. You can download the guide below for more information about using the Logitech S150 USB Stereo Speaker effectively. And if you experience problems using speakers, you can directly visit the FAQ page.

The S150 Speaker Setup Guide (.pdf)


If you have questions regarding activating the speakers and running the Logitech S150 Stereo Speaker better on the device/platform you are using. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). All information that you need. Usually, You can also see all the guides related to using the S150 Stereo Speaker, step by step to run the product, and other solutions you need.