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A website that discusses trending Logitech products and also provides various software compatible with Windows and Mac OS. This time we want a variety of one of Logitech’s flagship sharing tools, the Logitech Screen Share, which is a device for sharing various content, files, videos of your latest projects, sending spreadsheets, documents for your presentations in meeting rooms, and support for all the usual video meeting applications. You use. For Logitech Screen Share, you don’t need software, so you don’t need to set anything up. Connect it, so Logitech Screen Share starts to use.

Logitech Screen Share, Review & Detail Specs

Sharing is easy using Logitech Screen Share, fast and affordable, sharing whatever content you want in the conference room and webinar on various devices with outputs that support HDMI. Even the product can be used in any meeting service you do. Just connect it to computers, laptops, and tablets using HDMI, and it’s ready to share the content you want. Besides that, the product can eliminate all the hassles when presenting slides, spreadsheets, and video recordings in online meetings.

Logitech Screen Share
Logitech Screen Share

Although many supporters are circulating for sent content, documents, or pairing codes, it is much more effective and safer to use a unique, guaranteed device, sharing quickly, without taking long.

Video meeting applications support the product, including Skype for Business, Zoom meetings, WebEx, BlueJeans, and other Video Meeting applications that support content sharing. So don’t make colleagues or participants wait for your excellent presentation slides in the meeting room. Get started with the Screen Share right away and make things work naturally. The Screen Share has a compact but versatile form and is equipped with Video Encoding with two advantages. One is a USB to enter Screen Share to your computer, and the second provides an HDMI input for sharing content.

The product brings quick and also effortless web content sharing to any boardroom computer. Just attach a notebook or tablet computer with HDMI to begin sharing: there is no need to install applications, input a passcode, and even connect to the internet. The Screen Share is meant to help you expand your screen with its integrated HDMI 1.4, a user interface, and a male USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A connector. With this port, the Screen Share Graphic Adapter sustains video clips approximately 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps and seems around 48 kHz, and might also move information up to 5GB/s.

The Screen Share Graphic Adapter is made to use most posts-sharing apps, such as BlueJeans, fuze, zoom, Microsoft Teams, StarLeaf, Vidyo, Skype for Organisation, and other meeting services. Also, the Screen Share Graphic Adapter Works with Windows and Mac OS. Logitech includes a hook and also a loophole fastener, in addition to a wire monitoring brace, which indicates it is possible to place your adapter in a preferable area.

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Download Guide, and Applications for Windows, macOS

You don’t need software for the product, but below, we have provided a Logitech Screen Share valuable app for presentations in your meeting room. Just click to open the box below. You download according to the OS you are using. Please download the guide file below, or visit the official page to find more information about this sharing tool for the Screen Share guide,

Download Logitech Screen Share App for Windows OS
Logitech Screen Share Applications
Software Version:
Last Update: 2017/12/15
OS Support: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Size: 11.8 MB
Download Logitech Screen Share App for Mac OS
Logitech Screen Share Applications
Freeware Version:
Last Update: 2017/12/15
OS Support: macOS 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13
Size: 12.8 MB
Download Logitech Screen Share App, Getting Started Guide
Logitech Screen Share Guide (.pdf)
The Screen Share Getting Started GuideDownload

For those of you who want to find complete information about the product, please visit the official FAQ page. On this page, various answers to the questions you want. Therefore, if you have problems using this content-sharing device, please visit that page. Thank you for visiting our website, and hopefully, it will be a solution for you.