Logitech SmartDock Flex, Review & Download Guide File


Welcome to LogitechFreeware, one website that discusses various Logitech products in between. Logitech SmartDock Flex supports various conference activities and is quite helpful for such activities. Therefore we discuss the various advantages of Logitech Flex, quality, and detailed specifications. Besides, we also provide a download a guide file to using Logitech SmartDock Flex more effectively.

Logitech SmartDock Flex, Review, and Specs

The Logitech Smartdock Flex is a Logitech device that has three advantages. The first is that it can easily consolidate Cable to CAT6 and is clutter-free, expand spatial options to be more productive, and AV passes for Non-Skype meetings. This is the benchmark for Logitech SmartDock Flex which can support your activities.

Logitech SmartDock Flex
Logitech SmartDock Flex

Besides that, you add Flex, and then all capabilities will function adequately. The way is by streamlining the wiring, then adding new skills to the Logitech SmartDock that you have prepared, and the practical AV console designed explicitly for Skype for Business. Then it is suitable for your needs. Logitech SmartDock will also consolidate cables to CAT6 and provide an integrated GROUP hub for the candid camera along with a Speakerphone connection. Thanks to access from Passthrough to your in-room AV equipment, it is helpful for participation in external meetings that you will do because this SmartDock Flex will always provide an elegant and versatile room solution for the Skype Room System that you expect.

The Logitech SmartDock Flex also facilitates arrangements on the cable, for example, between your conference table and even the front of your meeting room, eliminating the need for you to buy and install each USB because it is very troublesome and also an HDMI extender, so Logitech SmartDock Flex offers a low profile base for SmartDock and even an Extender box that is easy for you to hide. Other functions, namely, a solution that combines USB, Dual HDMI, and the Power to one CAT6 cable, are easy to use and quite active.

You can position Logitech SmartDock Flex quite quickly, and the conditions are pretty affordable for meeting participants. SmartDock will always send files in the folder you choose, such as audio, video, and all Power, thanks to the CAT6 cable reaching up to 15 meters far enough for a large room, no matter the position and location Smartdock that you place.

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There is AV Passthrough on Logitech SmartDock Flex. It is possible to maximize the various uses of Skype Room Systems, such as cameras, speakerphones, and also other room views commonly used with the Cisco WebEx Platform, Zoom, and also BlueJeans, you can choose according to the needs of your meeting so members can join the discussion on their respective laptops because everything is connected to SmartDock thanks to AV Passthrough Technology.

In the Logitech SmartDock, the Base functions as a retention mechanism for sturdy tension relief to secure the AV cable. And with the CAT6 cable already attached at both ends, users can reposition SmartDock without having to affect the Power, USB, and HDMI connections. Guaranteed practical and easy with only CAT6 cable.

Likewise, with the Hub, which has been integrated for Logitech GROUP ConferenceCam, the installer will reduce cabling by merely connecting the Speakerphone to the SmartDock Flex base and the camera to the SmartDock Flex extender box. Easy to use, practical use, and the functions provided by this Logitech SmartDock Flex. Below we have listed the specifications owned by SmartDock.

Download Guide

Logitech SmartDock is a complete set of Logitech SmartDock and Logitech Grub, so each product has the software available. You can search for it in the search menu that we have provided. Also, download the user guide below to help you start using SmartDock Flex more effectively.

The SmartDock Flex Guide (.pdf)

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Suppose you have questions about using Logitech SmartDock Flex on your devices and a Compute. For example, set up the Flex correctly, share content using Flex, guide on using the Flex AV pass-through, FLEX USB device, and Flex HDMI-in, you can visit the frequently asked questions (FAQ).