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Logitech Speaker Stand for iPads, Specs & Review

The Logitech Speaker Stand is a speaker holder product that is compatible with all your Mobile devices, Smartphones, Tablets, iPods, and iPhones, it’s just that this Speaker stand is recommended explicitly for iPad because the design, as well as its shape, is so harmonious if the iPad device you are using, not only the design is just impressive, but the actual quality of the speaker stand can turn your iPad device into a tablet. Unique entertainment is excellent for you, starting from playing music, like listening to a concert stage in space, playing a movie you feel are in that role, all the superiority of stereo audio you can listen to optimally and will continue to meet every room in your room.

Logitech Speaker Stand Review
Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad

Two practical advantages when judging from the design of this Speaker stand, namely Audio (Dual internal speaker driver) and also the base or audio on the base, both have excellent functions, starting from the base can support your iPad or tablet, and sound that will provide maximum entertainment to you, attach it and activate it and keep you entertained in it. Likewise, when your speaker stand is turned off, the 30-Pin connector works to charge your tablet.

Not only does the position of the Speaker stand adjusts to the needs of the user, but it also has controls and connections that are easy for you to operate from adjusting the power and adjusting the volume (+/-). All the control positions are in the front of the Speaker Stand to be comfortable to control. All of this control via 3.5 mm aux Input has a dual role that is you can plug in the MP3 Music player by looking at the use of each logo, making the Logitech Speaker Stand an entertainment to fill the boredom with premium quality that fills tremendous audio throughout the corner of your room.

Download Guide

The Speaker Stand does not provide software or drivers so that the product can be used immediately after the box is opened. If you need basic usage guidelines, you can download the guide file below.

The Speaker Stand Started Guide (.pdf)

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If you have questions regarding using the Logitech Speaker Stand easiness. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). All information that you want is on the page. And you can also see all the guides related to using the Speaker Stand, step by step to use this product, and other solutions you need.