Logitech Z130 Stereo Speaker, & Download Guide file


Welcome to LogitechFreeware, providing various software downloads. Besides, we also reviewed various other best devices from Logitech, one of which is the Logitech Logitech Z130 Stereo Speaker, which is famous for having (Easy Control & Deep Bass). Maybe you will be interested in having the best Logitech Speaker product soon. In addition, we also provide downloads in the form of a guide file that will be useful later for you. If you are already very curious, please scroll down to see the following reviews and downloads.

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Logitech Z130 Stereo Speaker (Easy Control & Deep Bass) Reviews & Specs

The Logitech Z130 stereo speaker and feel the fantastic stereo sound will fill throughout your room, and enjoy the sound of your music or music content to be more professional and real action movies in front of you, make them manifest in the ears and produce clear and dry sounds and enjoy the booming bass extra to make you more excited than usual.

Logitech Z130 Stereo Speaker
Logitech Z130 Stereo Speaker (Easy Control & Deep Bass)

You can also enjoy fully from loud stereo sound to peak power of 10 Watt peak, and 5 Watt (RMS) set according to your wishes and enjoy the strong bass by utilizing the reflex port available from this speaker’s face. You will go crazy with the charm of entertainment that you play.

It has controls that are easy for you to understand, good access to power, adjust volume (+/-), install headphones all you can control very quickly, is located in the right speaker position, and is practical if it is already in your hands.

You can enjoy it fully from Logitech Z130 by merely connecting the speaker to your device with a 3.5 mm input (RCA) and enjoy what you have wanted.

Download Guide

Especially Logitech Z130 does not provide software or drivers so that the product can be used immediately after the box is opened. If you need basic usage guidelines, you can download the guide file below.

The Z130 Speaker Setup Guide (.pdf)

Download Now

If you have questions regarding activating the speakers and running the Logitech Z130 Stereo Speaker effectively on the device/platform you are using. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). All information that you want. And you can also see all the guides related to using the Z130 Stereo Speaker, step by step to run the product on your devices or mobile phone, and other solutions you need.