Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker, Download Guide file


Our website provides various Software/Firmware Updates on Logitech products and reviews about currently popular devices. Besides, we also include access to the official website FAQ if you have more information about the software, installation, a product use. Below we try to discuss the Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker, one of the Logitech products, compatible with all devices/Platforms, a favorite of users, namely the Logitech Z50 Multimedia & Portable Speaker Stereo, various advantages and detailed specs of the product. Also, you can download the guide file below.

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Logitech Z50 Multimedia & Portable Speaker, Review & Specs

The Logitech Z50 Portable or Multimedia Speaker is one of the practical speaker products compatible with your mobile phone and computer devices. You can pocket it wherever you travel because it has a reasonably simple size so that not only can you enjoy the sound of this portable Speaker but also your client, friends, or family. You can also feel the same as yourself.

Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker
Logitech Z50 Multimedia & Portable Speaker

Enjoy the sound that is so strong at the peak power of 10 Watt Peak and 5 Watts (RMS) and adjust to your liking. Besides that, the power of the 2.25 Inches driver design will amplify the audio on what you want, like a Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, and computer.

It has a reasonably simple setup for you to control by connecting the power adapter and then connecting to the device you have provided or have, thanks to the headphone jack input (3.5mm). You can fully utilize the Z50 Portable Speaker.

Download Guide

Guide on how to download at our website. And now scroll on below to find some guide files that you can download helpful as an essential user guide in running the Logitech Speakers products by clicking the box below.

The Z50 Speaker Setup Guide (.pdf)


Suppose you have related questions about using the Logitech Z50 Multimedia Stereo Speaker and managing the Speaker more comfortably on your devices/Platforms. Visit the page the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). All information and guides using the product want to know. For example, connect Speaker to a computer, use Speaker on a device, and the steps you need to maximize Speaker performance on your computer or platform.