Logitech Z533 Speaker System, Download Guide file


If you want to turn your room into a real big concert venue, the Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer is the solution. And this is from the Speaker type, (plug & play). You only need Speaker to connect to Analog Audio PC, Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, or Mobile/MP3 Device. Of course, the Speaker is compatible with all devices/platforms. Then the Z533 is ready to play some songs, feel the comfort of every sound produced by the Z533 Speaker, and feel every booming sound that comes out so real and booming. For more reviews, check below.

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Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer, Reviews & Specs

Add more entertainment to your life with the Logitech Z533 Speaker System With Subwoofer and enjoy every Bass audio boom that will make your entire room into a magnificent concert stage. Having a 2.1 Speaker System and also Peak power of up to 120 and 60 Watt (RMS) will be able to produce bass that is so dynamic and enjoy more clearly by exposing your subwoofer to the front and can also connect up to three devices at the same time using 3.5 mm input (RCA) ) Likewise, the control of an integrated control pod is easy to do. Also, you are easy to control.

Logitech Z533 Speaker
Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker With Subwoofer

For you to float up to 120 Watts of peak power level and 60 Watt (RMS) to produce loud but balanced acoustic audio so you can feel the Audi music’s awesomeness that you play becomes more dynamic.

There is a complete set of specifically designed drivers for you to transfer sound throughout your room. Enjoy a real concert in front of your eyes and make yourself happy about it all.

The Z533 will make it possible for you to enjoy the natural Bombs of bass presented with a rich sound and sound that is more dynamic coupled with a combination of other entertainment to make you more real and new.

Plug all inputs together, then you can connect up to three devices at once, and of course, it is compatible both with your existing smart TV, PC, or laptop and other devices through the help of a 3.5 mm input and even (RCA). Switch between your audio without the need to disconnect, practical and accurate.

Control all access from the Logitech Z533 speaker more easily with just one control pod that has been integrated quite well, including power, adjust the volume (+/-), adjust the bass level, plug in the headphone jack and other additional jacks, all in your full control, see also the detail specifications below.

Download Guide

The Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker Stereo is a speaker with a complete package, so you connect it directly to your, Computer (Analog Audio), laptop or Notebook (USB Audio), Console Gaming, Mobile/MP3 Device, Smartphone, Smart TV, and for a complete guide on how to use the Logitech Z533 Stereo Speaker correctly, you can immediately download the guide file, which you can download below.

The Z533 Speaker Setup Guide (.pdf)


Suppose you want to know about regarding how to activation of the product and how to run the Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker System effectively, go directly to the official website, and you will find various questions related to problems with these speakers, e.g., how to use Z533 Speaker correctly, solution if the audio on the Speaker doesn’t Speaker, an explanation when the Audio is distorted and solutions to fix it, and more.